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Lumen Adaptive Networking And IT Solutions For Pharmaceutical Firms

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The pharmaceutical industry is flooded with data, from discovery through clinical trials and commercial operations. The availability of real-time information is on an upward trajectory, including the use of electronic medical records, databases of insurance claims, fitness wearables and social media. Big Pharma is already linking and mining their data sets to improve pipelines, products and strategies. As a result, they are required to transmit massive volumes of data — and are increasingly relying on high-performance, secure private and public cloud connectivity.

At the same time, personalized medicine is driving digital transformation to support disease prevention and drug actions, opening opportunities to match therapies to patient populations. Digitally enabled “beyond the pill” solutions include sensors to collect and analyze data to monitor a patient’s condition between visits to healthcare providers. These solutions also enable data that demonstrates the superior efficacy of medications to payers and governments — critical to retaining market access and premium pricing.

As the threat surface continues to expand, protecting intellectual property and commercially sensitive data is imperative. Foreign state actors pursuing intellectual property such as access to compound information and clinical trial data remain a significant threat.

Adaptive Networking and IT Solutions 


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