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Lumen SD-WAN with Versa Networks

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Integrated control, intelligent automation and maximized performance for large enterprise networks.

Lumen SD-WAN with Versa Networks is a turnkey, centralized cloud management platform that helps better protect from ever-changing vulnerabilities, increase application control, and improve networking performance, resource and bandwidth efficiency for multi-site deployments.


Accelerated network agility

Manage and make changes to routing and user policies, traffic thresholds, and security controls in near real-time across your entire network.

Operational efficiency

Managed services supplement in-house resources with highly skilled experts to help design,

configure, deploy and manage your network, freeing up valuable IT resources for other projects.

Maximized app performance

Dynamically route traffic based on app business rules and network conditions. Prioritize essential apps, automatically mitigate performance issues and deploy app-aware failover to help ensure continuous access to critical cloud-based resources.

Enhanced resiliency

Defend your hybrid network by deploying active/active connectivity that’s balanced under normal conditions and automatically reroutes if one connection goes down.

Automated network intelligence

Enable automatic routing by user group, application, traffic thresholds, or site location to deliver latency-minimized, prioritized traffic management for critical and sensitive traffic.


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